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♛} “W-what…” Hakuryuu took a step back in bewilderment, keeping his eyes trained on the ethereal specter. It… couldn’t be real. There was no way that…

"Brother?" His inquiry was high-pitched and shaky; tell-tale signs of his confusion. This had to be the working of magic. Nothing else was possible. He’d seen his brother right before he died… he’d seen how the conflagration roared, threatening to eat Hakuryuu as well, lest he not have left in such a flurry. Then, why was the man standing before him?


"H-how, Brother? And… why? Why are you here?"

He didn’t expect to see Hakuyuu all of sudden. He was holding the Dao tightly on his hands, and was about to attack with the sword covered with his magoi but stopped dead on his tracks at hearing that voice that he didn’t get to listen since more than a decade ago. Back then it was high pitched, childish… and now it was deeper, the voice of a person that was soon turning into a man

"…Hakuryuu?" he asked, saving the sword, slowly taking a step closer to him. It had to be him. The burn scar… those eyes were or his little brother’s "I…." It was hard to give him a solid reply when he was just so dumbfounded to see him so grown up "It’s complicated, but in fact yes, it’s me…"

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“And so it will be until the end of my existence. There’s something I always wanted to tell you, dearest son…” the woman stoped talking and breathed heavily, the guy was hitting her nerves. “You’re just as stupid as your father; he always thought I was a mere ornament for this cursed Empire, but you know what? He’s dead.”

She kept smiling, as if she was saying something not really important, “I did care for you once, until you seemed to be just as dear Hakutoku.”

"I never thought you were an ornament. I used to think of you as one of the pillars of the empire. You were the empress, Gyokuen. Your role as the wife of the emperor wasn’t just look pretty and smile all the time, but i guess i was wrong” 

He saved his sword, looking at her with hatred, so deep and huge that would never be able to be erased “And if i were you, i would double check his status. I saw him last week.” Hakuyuu barely smiled “The dead are arising just to stop you. Your dear black rukh is betraying you, i am afraid to tell you.”

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Gyokuen didn’t fear him; in his current state he wouldn’t do much. And, if she got rid of him once, she can always do it again. His expression twisted in rage by her words about her younger children and damn if it wasn’t amusing.


“Hakuyuu, my dearest Hakuyuu. Haven’t you understood yet? There’s no win for you here; if I alreadi killed you in the past, I can do it again” with that being said she put away the tip of the sword. “I’m not afraid of you,son.”

"You won’t, my dear mother" his tone was so sweet it sounded almost like poison. He put the sword away because it was useless against her magic, he knew that, and didn’t care

"I cannot die, you know?" he smirked "You kill me and i’ll be back... and back and back… until i see you die in the most horrible way i can muster at the moment.” 

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“A miracle indeed…” Kouen said simply, staring down at the fingers the touched his own.  He felt like he was dreaming and that Hakuyuu would still be dead when he woke up.  He thought he’d pinch himself, but he decided against it.  ”Well…you’ve been dead for a little over 13 years.  I’m bound to grow up while you stay locked in time.”


He couldn’t tell Kouen the truth of why he was back there. Mostly because that meant to tell the now older man that he was there to mess up with the empire, mostly mess up with the empress. His hatred towards her was what kept Hakuyuu alive and standing, but it wasn’t a good thing to tell after such a warm re-encounter, was it?

"And to think i should be thirty four" The ex-first prince commented, amused, directing his glance at Kouen, whom looked quite shaken by his presence, as if he thought he was actually going mad or something of the kind "En…" he started "I am not some weird nightmare, okay?" he was there, and didn’t think in going until he saw his mot— the vixen's corpse. That was the only thing that could put him to rest for once and all

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Thankfully Sadly, i missed father’s day… My dad is as dead as i used to be, and i’ll fulfill my mission to honour his memory” he was getting imapacient, and wanted to stop watching and do something


Her son’s face showed so much hatred and oh she couldn’t be more proud of him! Facing him once again still got her nerves, maybe it was the smell of the Goi blood.


“Is that so? You must be confused, my beloved son. Or maybe… do I have to pull your strings? I hope anything bad won’t happen to your dearests younger siblings…

"Confused of what. And i am not your son. Not anymore" His face twisted in rage when he heard the black-haired woman talk. A expression full of hatred that he never showed when alive

Don’t you dare!"  Hakuyuu used his dao against the woman and covered the sword with the black rukh that inhabited his body now "Don’t you even dare to raise a hand against Hakuei or Hakuryuu because this time, you’ll not be able to stop me. I’ll not doubt in cutting that disgusting head of yours and showing it off in the palace” 

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“Is it you, my dear Hakuyuu?” Once again the Rukh surprised her, this time in a not-so pleasing way though. Her eldest son was supossed to be dead long time ago, she personally got rid of him.


His face was everything but happy. In the bottom of his heart he wished he didn’t have to face her. Never. Gyokuen’s presence was a bitchslap of life that remembered him he was dead, and that goddamned vixen was aliveDon’t call me dear, you disgusting venomous snake. You lost that privilege more than a decade ago” 

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He had sensed the oldest Haku sibling enter his room but only pulled  his robe all the way up as he knocked on his door. “I see no reason for you to pretend to have any formalities.” Kouen murmurs, finishes dressing and turns to Hakuyuu.

Hakuyuu chuckled weakly, entering the room and closing the door behind him, just in case. He wasn’t supposed to be there, nor alive after all “I doubt a commoner like me is allowed in the palace, let alone the first prince’s chambers" he leaned on the door, looking at his cousin "I just checked on Hakuei… I don’t know where Hakuryuu is" the boy was quite a mystery himself.